Slash Arena

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DESCRIPTION: During this game you enter a arena and must fight to the death by swinging your huge weapon. Before the battle, you can upgrade your characters weapon and armor using the currency you gain from each fight. You can also choose new weapons and armor, and unlock more powerful characters as your progress.
The gameplay of Slash Arena is simple but you must use your cunning and strategy to outwit your opponents. When swinging your weapon you move slower and your energy drains. Consider this carefully and try to avoid being hit by releasing your axe and moving faster. Scattered around each level you can find a host of food and items - these give you health and energy boosts so be sure to collect plenty! As you level up the battles become harder, but you also unlock more powerful weapons so you can still compete. Can you conquer the slash arena and become a fighting legend?

CONTROLS: WASD = Move, Left and right arrow = Swing left or right, Left click = Swing
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