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DESCRIPTION: Hire and assemble the strongest squad of humans to fight strongest creatures from all his universe. Start with a fearsome knight battling hordes of zombies, ghosts and necromancers inside the Silent Graveyard. 
Soon a soldier, mage and skeleton will join your group of heroes to clear a city, beach and dark forest filled with evil creatures from every corner of the universe.
Slowly accumulate money and strategically manage between upgrades and unlock to gain the upper hand.

- Beat 35 waves of enemies from 15 different areas to complete campaign mode.
- Gold coins are earned by destroying enemies and can be used to summon new heroes and unlock new units and levels.
- Hire heroes by pressing a hire bellow the battlefield.
- Heroes positions can be changed/swapped by dragging their respective button (useful late game)
- You can check units stats by clicking on their button.
- Every 5 level ups by any hero you get a free upgrade for that unit. You first need to select the unit and then pick one of two available upgrades.
- Reaching level 10 of any hero lets you pick your first ability.
- Abilities have cooldowns and can be activated on the panel between the battlefield and the heroes buttons.
- On the map screen or in-between battles you can go to the unlock section where you spend gold coins to unlock new heroes and areas.
- New game modes will be unlocked after completing your first playthrough.
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